Best Portable Monitor For Gaming (4K, 144hz, HDMI, 1440P) 2021

In order to get more space on your desk you might have heard the word “portable” or “compact” and this also comes in monitors. For someone who wants to increase the screen size for their laptop has come to the right place as this article has collected best portable monitors for gaming.

More display means more options for viewing your favorite activities and increased screen time with your trusted brands and lets your be more productive as these devices will let you carry your screen anywhere you want.  Upgrading your basic devices to portable screens from your home to work not only lets you work in an expanded viewing but also is easy to carry around as well.

These portable monitors have the ability to connect with other devices such as cameras, mobiles or your PC or laptop and can do much more than work and entertainment. To enjoy a full size experience with your mobile for increased productivity is so in trend these days.

Best Portable Monitor For Gaming

  1. Sibolan S20 15.6inch Full HD Ultra Slim Frameless Bezel Gaming Portable Monitor
  2. Portable Monitor – Lepow Z1-Black 15.6 Inch Full HD 1080P USB Type-C Computer
  3. 4K Portable Monitor, G-STORY GSV56UM Portable Gaming Monitor
  4. GAEMS Sentinel Pro Xp 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor for Xbox One GA-G170FHD
  5. DS15607 UPERFECT 4K DS15607 Computer Monitor
  6. GAEMS M240 Professional Gaming Monitor
  7. ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHPE 17.3” Portable Gaming Monitor
  8. 4k Portable Monitor 15.6’’ for Laptop, EVICIV EV15610 Gaming Second Monitor
  9. 4K Portable Monitor – AZMIOR 
  10. ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC 15.6″ Full HD IPS USB Type-C Portable Eye Care Monitor,Black

1- Sibolan S20 15.6inch Full HD Ultra Slim Frameless Bezel Gaming Portable Monitor

Sibolan S20 15.6inch Full HD Ultra Slim Frameless Bezel Gaming Portable Monitor

Sibolan has made the importance of touch screen reach the sky with its 15.6 inches of portable S20 monitor that works in full HD with 1080p resolution. This compact device is 5mm thick with true color display quality that enables stunning graphics viewable in front of you. For this purpose 6 bit color precision is the secret ingredient at an angle of 85 degrees.

Many thanks for this monitor that has enabled the elite view for iphone users or people with mini LCD specifically gamers who can now enjoy high resolution and wide space to attack on their enemy. Ultra fast response of 9ms can change the pixels quickly and through 144 Hz of refresh rate is known for its high speed functionality.

Specifically targeting the gaming community this device consists of IPS panel with true HDR that glorifies different perspectives such as FPS or RTS in many shooting and sniper games. With these modes on and the support of HDR you get to view top tier visuals on a wide inch screen even if you have a small LCD Smartphone.

Metal alloy provides a luxury look with its slim body design that weighs only 0.7 kg and its durability speaks for itself. Sibolan gives one year warranty with this device and the package deal serves any damage or problem that might come during this time.

Key Elements

  • 15.6” HD screen
  • 1080p elite resolution
  • 9ms response time
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • HDMI, USB type C, display port 1.2
  • Compatible with Smartphone, laptops, PCs, PS5, Macbooks, PS4, Xbox Series X/S
  • Various game modes
  • Ultra slim 0.7kg
  • 1 year warranty 

2- Portable Monitor – Lepow Z1-Black 15.6 Inch Full HD 1080P USB Type-C Computer

Portable Monitor - Lepow Z1-Black 15.6 Inch Full HD 1080P USB Type-C Computer

To view movies or play games in high definition but you cannot own a large LCD in your budget is how Lepow Z1 has solved this case for you. With an easy set up and go usage that uses mini HDMI 2.1 connection and USB type C port for the transmission of HD signals.

15.6 inches of screen is capable of giving a wide and vibrant image quality for a wholesome experience. Spending less money than a big LCD but enjoying the same 1080p resolution is no less than a blessing of technology. 

The advancement of this intelligence has led us to monitor stunning graphics on the IPS panel which also serves us with eye care protection filter in case you do not want to leave the screen and accidentally fell in love with this device. This technology will keep away the rays from damaging your pupils so you can continue to use it prolonged.

Both modes including landscape and portrait can be seen in action with the help of auto rotate which is how you can place it anywhere in any position you want whatever eases you. The portrait mode is very useful for ebook reading or articles or even your morning newspaper making every one a person of today’s age.

Increasing your everyday productivity as this compact monitor is easy to connect with your personal computer, consoles like PS3, PS4 or xbox one for ultimate gaming rallies. Lepow has made Z1 extremely lightweight so that you can carry it around painlessly and it weighs only 1.76 pounds.

The addition of built-in speakers and USB type c connection has really made this device versatile and very compatible extending your gameplay sessions even if you are away from your pc setup at home.

3- 4K Portable Monitor, G-STORY GSV56UM Portable Gaming Monitor

4K Portable Monitor, G-STORY GSV56UM Portable Gaming Monitor

G-Story has invented a handy monitor for comfortable viewing capacirty for people who are addicted to gaming or their work and cannot carry their laptop or PC everywhere they go. For such dedicated people GSV56UM has come out with 15.6 inches of wide IPS display that is able to portray rich color gamut of 16 million colors codes.

There is much hype about the ultimate 4K resolution that is every gamer’s dream because it carries precise detailing in every frame and pictures so realistic that they can lure anyone into buying this beauty.

1000:1 contrast ratio and 178 degrees of angles are still capable of showing the sharp details and life like clarity on the wide screen as if you are yourself lost in the scenario. Now you get to enjoy your favorite shows nonstop for which thanks to G-story’s epic invention for someone who cannot afford a big screen.

USB type c and mini HDMI connections are used for connecting with multiple devices such as PC, laptops, xbox, Nintendo switch, raspberry Pi etc. this device is enabled with FPS and RTS game modes that are required for smooth gaming  with the addition of FreeSync technology and 60 Hz of refresh rate and 8ms response time that eliminates screen tearing or unnecessary glitches.

After connecting to the power supply and the device that are compatible with this compact monitor your productivity level boosts and is unmatched in duplicates mode. Whereas the extend mode synchronizes with the data from the other device in order to save files and data.

Play your favorite music on 2 watts of powerful speakers while you do your chores or watch your favorite shows while having a nice bake time in your kitchen. Carry this lightweight device anywhere you want.

4- GAEMS Sentinel Pro Xp 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor for Xbox One GA-G170FHD

GAEMS Sentinel Pro Xp 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor for Xbox One GA-G170FHD

A sturdy self contained gaming setup is here for the gaming community that is compact and rugged to satisfy your hunger for unlimited gameplay anytime anywhere. Gaems Sentinel Pro XP is here to make every jaw drop with 17.3 inches of wide screen.

The panel itself has IPS technology and a 1080p full HD enabled resolution for immersive gaming with 170 degrees of viewing angles. This product comes in a protective case that opens wide in 105 degrees and can be carried around as a suitcase. It not only keeps the screen safe from dust and water but also is easy to carry from one place to another.

Sentinel Pro is perfect for someone who is a frequent traveler but cannot leave his love for video games as well. Compatible with consoles through cable connection, this intelligent machine takes gaming on another level. 

Adding 3 watts of blasting speakers and 3.5mm of audio jack is how the brand knows how much a true gamer loves the sounds of bullets hitting his enemies. Gaems has won many awards and international recognition for creating high performance portable gaming machines so they know what they are doing.

60 Hz of refresh rate has provided a top tier experience to everyone who is fond of fast image transmission eliminating tearing screens and displaying rich colors on the anti glare screen that is not affected in extreme weather.

Specs Sheet

  • 1920 x 1080p resolution
  • 17.3” anti glare screen
  • 3Watts speakers
  • Protective hard shell case
  • 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI connection
  • IR remote control
  • Plug and play type

5- DS15607 UPERFECT 4K DS15607 Computer Monitor

DS15607 UPERFECT 4K DS15607 Computer Monitor

If you do not want to miss any details in your battlefield but you do not have a big screen to flex with, worry not because Uperfect is here to save your day. A portable screen that lets you play in an uptight war with 4K resolution making every detail bulges out.

60 Hz of fast refresh rate alongside 4ms of quick response is how you get to play fast paced games without the tearing of screen that is irritable and takes away all the fun. With this technology and 178 degrees viewing angles provide a whole scale IPS viewable screen that can be seen from any angle.

Another impressive feature this monitor consists of is the charging station for your Smartphone with USB 3.1 connection type C while working as a power supplier. Other than that it provides mini HDMI and display port connectivity that makes the versatile device useful for all purposes.

CNC metal wire oxidation process makes this machine exquisite and tough that can resist hard fall on its body without bearing a scratch. The temperature can go as high as -20 degrees to -60 without disturbing the full functioning of this handy monitor.

Portrait and landscape mode helps in being supportive during different tasks like photo editing, gaming, watching movies or documents reading with a pen hold design to get your work mode activated. 100 sRGB color gamut has a unique blend of colors that enables a realistic image on the screen which otherwise cannot be seen on a small or ordinary screen especially in 4K resolution that brings out the sharpness of the pictures.

Noteworthy Factors

  • 15.6” IPS monitor with case stand
  • 100 Watt power support
  • 3-in-1 USB expanded usage
  • 4K resolution images
  • 3 display modes
  • Mini HDMI, display port, USB C connection
  • HDR 10 support
  • FreeSync compatible

6- GAEMS M240 Professional Gaming Monitor

GAEMS M240 Professional Gaming Monitor

Gaems has dedicated its inventions to make gaming fun and comfortable for the people who do not want to spend pile of money on big screens which is why it has launched M240 professional handy monitor that comes in 24 inches of display size.

Having a vast screen to view your favorite shows on 1080p resolution that brings the finest details in the images is one of the best things about this device. It is made simple yet effective technique which offers more aspects and asks less in return.

The brand has upgraded this model from the previous ones so that you get to see the best of every frame with Vesa mount design which is easy to carry. Making this machine run on 60 Hz was not a big deal for Gaems yet the experts have enabled this feature so you do not have to wait for the picture to load on every refresh click.

2 dedicated HDMI ports are there to solve the connectivity issue so that other consoles such as Playstation, xbox, PC etc can be easily plug and play without any extra effort. After successfully minimizing the input lag it serves with 3.5mm audio jack to bless your ears with the finest sound waves.

Talking about the sound system M240 also comes with blasting stereo system that gives out woofer sounds to enjoy a jamming session. No wonder why the brand has named it after a gun because it kills every other brand in the market in style, feature list and compatibility.

Key Aspects

  • 24” HD LED
  • 1080p resolution
  • Classic 4 stereo speakers
  • 2x HDMI input, 1 HDMI output
  • VESA mount handle
  • All devices compatible
  • 170 degrees ergonomics

7- ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHPE 17.3” Portable Gaming Monitor

ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHPE 17.3” Portable Gaming Monitor,

ASUS ROG Strix portable monitor called XG17AHPE is known to be one of the fastest compact monitors in the world and here is why you need to get this beauty in your gaming edition setup. Providing a number of useful and tough features there should be, this monitor has won the hearts of many with 17.3 inches of wide screen.

Full HD support is no less than a blessing that is portrayed through 1080p pixel resolution giving the user an opportunity to experience realistic life like images on the go. Even with the big screen this eye candy is extremely lightweight and is capable of offering 1000:1 static contrast ration where as the 100% sRGB are responsible for having a vast color gamut.

Making the brightest whites and darkest gray in every tone the joy is gaming on this device is immaculate because of the vibrant color schemes as well as fastest response of 3ms. 240 Hz of furiously quick refresh rate captures clear and without blurred vision moving pictures putting clarity in every frame on a golden platter in front of the user.

After eliminating the screen tearing and ghosting it includes adaptive sync enabled that works on making the gameplay buttery smooth but putting away low latency and frame rates aside. Even after such robust features its 7800mAh powerful battery works up to 3.5 hours continuous and can be quick charged in 2 hours to full.

USB type C and micro HDMI ports can be used for the connection with multiple devices such as laptops, PC, gaming consoles, switch etc. A bonus part is the protective case this compact monitor comes in keeping the screen safe from dust and scratches and can be used as a stand as well.

8- 4k Portable Monitor 15.6’’ for Laptop, EVICIV EV15610 Gaming Second Monitor

4k Portable Monitor 15.6’’ for Laptop, EVICIV EV15610 Gaming Second Monitor

EVICIV has made one of the slimmest monitors on the go with 15.6 inches large display panel with 4K resolution to bring the best out from your pictures. This wall mount device can also be put into landscape or portrait mode whatever suits you for different operations.

With 0 Hz of refresh rate such lag free responsiveness is a package deal along the FreeSync technology that makes every game play smooth as butter on pan.  The devices such as PC, laptops, xbox, PS4, Nintendo switch etc can be connected to this handy device through USB type c or HDMI mini ports to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Dual integrated speakers of 2 watts have the ability to provide blasting sound so you get to actually feel the war environment around you during a shooting game or you can simply enjoy your favorite playlist while doing everyday chores.

The reversible type c USB can charge your phone or any other device and allows to watch videos or do your daily tasks on the vivid screen and that increases your average productivity rate as you do not have to wait for your monitor to charge other machines meanwhile.

The magnetic stand cover protects your device and gives you the freedom to move freely while carrying this eye candy with you anywhere you go, you will always have your full PC with you with a single cable and just this portable monitor.

Important Aspects

  • Increased productivity through several display modes
  • 4K resolution quality
  • USB C type, mini HDMI
  • Compatible with all devices
  • 2 watts double speakers
  • Free life time tech support
  • PU leather protective casing

9- AZMIOR – 4K Portable Monitor with Dual USB C

4K Portable Monitor - AZMIOR

Gaming has become more than just a habit or hobby and a professional E-sports championship all around the world but what to do when you cannot afford expensive gaming components? Azimor has solved this issue for you with its AM01 15.6 inches wide portable screen that will surely give you gamer realness.

Besides the sleek design body that weighs only 1.8lb and 0.2 inches wide, this bezel body is capable of offering 4K resolution on the table. The addition of mini HDMI port and dual full supported USB type c connections is how you get to visualize HD video signals from other device into your handy monitor. 

The pixels makes the best of your screen with high pitched image quality and 100% sRGB support makes the color tones as bright as daylight. Double 2 watts speakers are able to deliver boosting audio with clarity in sound that will bless your ears in an instant.

Extend your screen wherever you go with this compact design lightweight device and can keep your work and social life balanced no matter where you are in the world. 178 degrees viewing angle helps in making every angle the best view you get to see in the bright HD screen.

A plus point of this machine is that it can be used with any other device such as laptop, macbook, Nintendo switch, raspberry Pi, xbox one, PS4 etc. the manufacturers have given a free lifetime tech support to cover any fault if there happens to be one which is otherwise will not be a problem at all.

Specs sheet

  • 4K UHD screen resolution
  • IPS A grade 15.6” display size
  • 100% sRGB
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 3ms response time
  • 178 degrees viewing angles
  • Dual USB C, mini HDMI ports
  • Almost all devices compatible
  • 2 watts speakers

10- ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC 15.6″ Full HD IPS USB Type-C Portable Eye Care Monitor

ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC 15.6 Full HD IPS USB Type-C Portable Eye Care Monitor,Black

ASUS Zenscreen is specifically made to expand your vision to it never lessens your productivity due to the lack of resources.  MB16AC is launched by ASUS to power up your monitor game into portable panel that is strong enough to provide 15.6 inches of broad screen.

The panel itself is fully HD enable and carries 1080p resolution portrayal to brighten up your worst days. The more vivid and bright screen display the more work or gaming can come out of it due to its addictive and appealing display of colors and tones.

72% sRGB has allowed the accuracy of gamut review at its best while the body is lightweight and easy to carry around, perfect for anyone who is a frequent traveler. With little bezels at corners gives it a unique slim and sleek look and a cover is put aside the screen from back to front to protect the sensitive components from any sort of damage.

The buttons on the bezels on bottom are resting upon the cover doubled stand that lets the user have a comfortable view and would not have to carry it in your hands all the time. You can carry your whole pc with you with a single USB type C cable  that works reversibly as well. No need to carry bundles of wires to get your start up any time anywhere.

A slim profile of 8mm and 0.78kg weight this ultraportable device consists of automatic screen orientation for different functions as web surfing or video watching. The addition of flicker free technology minimizes the eye strain and gives your eyes some relief during a long hour shift in front of the screen.

Important Factors

  • 15.6” FHD screen
  • 1080p resolution
  • Smart accessories included
  • 60 Hz refresh rate

Portable Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

There happens to be some magical equipment launched by a number of famous brands that consider the love of gaming very seriously and the need of being productive in this age of technology. They have invented portable monitors for your ease and are pretty much the same as ordinary monitors but with slight differences.

Those differences needs to be identified and talked about in case you are deciding to buy a compact panel for your xbox, or switch etc

Screen size:

The screen is almost everything in this device and everything like processor battery or RAM are integrated at the back of it so it is the main body. Usually there are 15 to 24 inches of screen sizes available in these handy machines the important thing to note is how is the display on them.


This feature determines the type of picture you are going to see on the screen. It can either be basic, smooth or ultra HD depending upon the number of resolution the device comes in. 1080p, 1440p, and 4K are considered the most common yet most liked by the gaming community as 4K is high in demand it brings out the finest details in the picture.


As these monitors are portable they should not weigh too much or more than a kg because these machines are made for the people who cannot take a break from their work or their passion for E-sports and they can carry these bad boys with them easily wherever they go.

Cable connection:

USB type C connection is used mostly for connection of multiple tech devices plus mini HDMI or miro HD ports are also available with some brands. An adapter cable is needed in case you have IOS system and want to hook up your iphone or ipad with a portable screen.


A good monitor is the one that is compatible with all the devices including your PC, laptops, Macbook, Raspberry Pi, xbox one, PS4 etc and can enhance the screen capacity in order to get the best out of your gaming experience. Many monitors are also compatible with DSLRs that help them in editing and getting the best pictures from their camera to the screen with a single cable connection.


The refresh rate and response timing are one of the important aspects as these features manages the input latency and screen response that reduces glitches, screen ghosting and tearing if these factors are heavily involved. For instance 240 Hz is the fastest refresh rate which means the picture and pixels will quickly move with every new click.

Speakers’ inclusion:

The addition of 2-5 watts speakers is a nice add up in the feature list as the sound stereo multiplies the gaming fun and can be used for various purposes as calling, presentations, music streaming and much more. This makes the device a complete profile and versatile in its actions.

Display modes:

Screen orientation is a noteworthy factor as it allows the user to arrange the viewing position of their panel by switching from portrait mode and landscape mode in auto rotation feature. The former is used in web surfing or reading functions while the latter is used in playing games or watching your favorite videos on the go.

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