Best Monitor for Samsung Dex (Portable) 2021

Softwares that add to your productivity and convert your typical setup into a killer system need best monitors for Samsung Dex. with an HDMI adapter or Dex cable; that is all you need to start smartly working on your upcoming project. Wirelessly operating is the new bend in the technology field, and thanks to Dex for making this liable.

There are several sizes of monitors from 13 to 28 inches in this category of devices loaded with many features. Easy to set them up, a single USB type C or HDMI cable is needed. Thanks to some brands who add mini USB and display ports in these monitors’ docking stations.

As the central part of these devices is the screen, there is a lot of effort and features to make the view perfect and not hurtful. Low blue light filters and flicker-free technology are no less than a blessing. These specs ensure that no light is hurting the user’s eyes or putting any strain or fatigue.

With such a great spec sheet, the monitors and the users are also becoming smart while enhancing their productivity. 1080P and 4K resolutions add more beauty and clarity to the images once and for all. You will forget about the expensive big-screen monitors with these bad boys while staying on budget as well.

The IPS panel is known for its excellent portrayal of realistic colors and pictures in all the frames. 178 degrees wide view angles do not let the user compromise on pictures’ quality. USB type C and HDMI cables are why you never have to worry about the transmission of audio and video signals or their stability.

The addition of audio jacks of 3.5mm and built-in stereo speakers of 2 Watts is a bonus for enjoying a dull environment. As the light sensors can adjust according to the room’s brightness, you never have to do a thing.

List Of Top Rated Best Monitor for Samsung Dex

  1. Lepow Z1 Pro Portable Monitor
  2. UPERFECT 4K Portable MDS-156F13 Monitor
  3. ASUS 15.6″ 1080P Portable Monitor
  4. UPERFECT Portable DS13302 Monitor
  5. Lepow Z1- Black Portable Monitor
  6. Samsung Business SH850 Series Desktop Monitor
  7. Philips Brilliance 279P1 Monitor

Lepow Z1 Pro Portable Monitor

Lepow Z1 Pro Portable Monitor

Lepow portable monitors’ multiple approved connections are worth the mention in the upgraded version.  A premium display for your business and entertainment purposes consists of a 15.6 inches screen. IPS panel becomes the home for realistic color portrayal and has the serious edge of visible clarity in each frame.

Full HD screen with 1080p resolution consists of vast viewing space to clarify images. The stability of the connection matters a lot when you try to connect a portable device to your system. No driver needs to be installed to get you started to overcome this challenge. Just click through a USB type C or HDMI cable to set it up. 

This connectivity provides the required amount of stability without any unnecessary interruptions while you are doing your work. Add your smartphone to the arena to upgrade your small screen into a large display. Enhancing your experience of watching movies or reading Ebooks, such portable monitors come in very handy.

Another positive feature about this device is that it consists of a 178-degree wide-angle on the panel. The advancement of eye care technology protects your eyes from strain. With the excellent response time, you are expected to see a smooth movement in its performance even while sharing it with other devices too.

Screen orientation helps you to work at ease with whatever you are doing. Book reading, watching videos, playing games, or web surfing are landscape and portrait modes. Auto-rotate options will let the screen adjust to the movement of your monitor itself.

Stereo built-in speakers are capable of delivering boosting audio with vivid clarity. 3.5mm audio port adds more flexibility to the options.

UPERFECT 4K Portable MDS-156F13 Monitor

UPERFECT 4K Portable MDS-156F13 Monitor

If you love 4K displays but cannot spend extra money to buy such devices? A 4K portable monitor by uperfect has got your back with a bunch of other features laid out. 15.6 inches and slimmest body design, this monitor has an IPS panel. A grade screen delivers the right amount of brightness and vivid images to the users.

178 degrees viewing angle with 60Hz of refresh rate allows you to work faster than traditional monitors. Spending a pile of money on heavily featured setups saves your hassle and introduces portable screens for your ease by several well-known brands. An excellent response time is something that keeps the smooth flow of operation in action.

Low blue light for eye care reduces strain on your eyes if you are deciding to work longer hours on your monitor. A 10 touch capacitive screen consists of 10 points to enjoy a multi-touch facility. This is possible with adopted G+FF technology that the touchscreen’s sensitivity is increased.

The gravity center enables the screen’s automatic rotation into portrait or landscape mode to assist you with the right display type. This technology can sense the direction of the screen and adjust its visual according to it. Thanks to the IPS panel type that portrays authentic images and lifelike colors.

Talking about the screen’s body, it has a 5mm slim profile and lightweight structure that is easy to carry, thus fulfilling the portable ability. It is perfect equipment to carry it around with you and be productive on the spot. USB type C dual, mini HD input ports are used to power the monitor and connect other devices with itself.

ASUS 15.6″ 1080P Portable Monitor

ASUS 15.6 1080P Portable Monitor

ASUS’s 15.6 inches portable monitor MB169B+ is here to provide your phone and laptop vast space for work or play. This monitor can serve you with high-quality image graphics with crystal clear vision on a full HD screen.  Powered by USB 3.0 cable, data is ready to be transmissioned.

This device is known to be the world’s slimmest monitor that comes with a smart case. This case is used in 2 ways: a protective film to avoid scratches on the panel and two as an adjustable stand. Auto rotation feature is enabled in this monitor that adjusts according to your screen’s direction.

The system that is the minimum requirement for this monitor is suggested to be windows 7, 14GHz core 2 and 1GB RAM to work best with. This metallic finish body is bundled with HD resolution that is possible after the attachment of a USB 3.0 single cable. Faster and fluid images are portrayed on the monitor with the ability to be backward compatible with notebook or desktop setup.

Low blue light technology provides a comfortable view and protects the eyes from the harmful blue light of the screens. This way, you can be productive for hours without feeling fatigued upon your sight.

The offloading graphics of this monitor from your PC hardware is possible with ASUS Ezlink’s expertise. This specialty makes a PC drive 5 portable monitors simultaneously despite their own graphics capabilities. USB ports’ importance comes to the top here to get it all started.

UPERFECT Portable DS13302 Monitor

UPERFECT Portable DS13302 Monitor

Uperfect is known for producing devices that ease users’ daily work performance. For enhancing such activities and experiences of users, a portable monitor is introduced with 13.3 inches of the big screen. 1080p resolution is supported by 100% sRGB color spectrum.

Allowed to be portraying full HD frames in actual color selection, each picture is vivid in its way. On the other hand, eye care technology maintains a good balance of screen time usage by protecting the eyes from harmful blue light. A stunning precision is seen from a wide view angle of 178 degrees without compromising the quality.

After adding an incredible IPS panel, there is another advantage of choosing this monitor as your companion for working or entertainment purposes. Duplicate mode enables displaying content for activities like music, video, or reading. Being used as a second screen when the PC’s screen is off through wireless share is genuinely remarkable.

Transfer your data through HDMI or mini display port from PC, laptop, or smartphones; you get to experience a trouble-free transmission. PD port is dedicated to charging only, supporting a 100W power supply. Micro USB port connects keyboard or mouse and other such devices to complete the whole setup.

A brilliant cover that comes within the package can protect the screen from scratches and be used as a stand. The second screen mode also allows the user to connect consoles like a switch to play on a portable display with HDR 500. Detailed frames and 2 watts stereo speakers elevate your dull environment into a boosting action field.

With all the accessories in the package, this monitor is also VESA mount support to save your desk space.

Lepow Z1- Black Portable Monitor

Z1 by Lepow is one of those portable monitors that are loaded with many valuable features to dazzle the users. On a full HD screen of 15.6 inches, you are bound to get stunning picture quality. An accurate representation of each frame’s colors is the top-spec of this monitor in 1080p resolution.

IPS panel describes the detailing of images in sleek detailing with optimal brightness. The brand is thoughtful to put an eye care technology so that you can get more work done in less time without getting tired. Screen orientation is an essential factor in portable monitors. There is auto rotation for both landscape and portrait mode for that purpose.

Following the screen’s direction, the modes are automatically selected to adjust with different activities. This monitor’s connectivity is capable of easily set up other devices with it. Type C or HDMI cable is the way to go for the monitor to be attached to keep the work going in flow.

This lightweight and slim design monitor is your perfect travel companion, plus extending your screen limit. Its compatibility with smartphones is worth mentioning because those devices have smaller screens. Playing your favorite games without worrying about spending a lot of money on it might seem unnecessary with this panel.

Mini HDMI and USB type C ports are used to transfer audio or video signals in the highest quality. No compromise is acceptable content’s signal strength or stability with these ports.

The addition of built-in speakers will elevate your mood with the clarity of sound in them. Get a theater experience with a big screen or be in your zone with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Samsung Business SH850 Series Desktop Monitor

Samsung Business SH850 Series Desktop Monitor

For your Business, Samsung SH850 is made for your ease while also expanding your screen. The 24 inches wide and massive screen consists of QHD resolution 1440p to deliver crisp visuals. 178 degrees wide-angle lets you see each frame’s detailing from all sides.

Its response time of 5ms is capable of producing faster and smoother operation. 1000:1 static contrast ratio with optimal brightness level makes the picture even more vivid. Connect the monitor through a USB Type C connector without downloading anything first. An easy setup option lets you be productive on the go.

The monitor comes with a stand of 21.3 x 12.7x 3 inches in height to make the perfect spot for effortless viewing. The screen’s errors are incredible, including Swivel, tilt, pivot, and height management. 60Hz of refresh rate consists of a faster response to the changing pixels. 

There is no need to wait to load the images once you click on them with this incredibly sharp and responsive screen. Display port and HDMI connection are also one of the perks for choosing Samsung as your work or entertainment companion. 

100 x 100mm VESA mount holes save your desk space and maintain a safe distance from the monitor and your eyes. There are USB 3 hubs that are built-in to the chassis of this product for the user to connect peripherals.

Daisy chain up can adjust 4 total HD panels with the single cable connection dividing the load instead of unleashing it all on one system. Picture-in-picture mode allows the user to play 2 windows on one screen.

Game mode with flicker-free technology reduces the jagged lines to disturb the view or strain upon the eyes.

Philips Brilliance 279P1 Monitor

Philips Brilliance 279P1 Monitor

Philips Brilliance 279P1 is a brilliant frameless monitor coming in 27 inches. This technology has made people’s work with smaller screen space easier with its ultra HD panel. IPS screen can hold bright and realistic images with fine clarity at all angles.

The full-color spectrum of 122% sRGB and 103 NTSC delivers the pictures’ actual shape and shades in each frame. Flicker-free technology and low blue light combine to elevate the eyes’ strain. Without the fatigue, you get to work more than usual and result in your performance-enhancing.

The brand supports 4 years of advance replacement is held to cover the damages. USB type C enables the power charging of devices within its docking station. This device is flexible enough in power management and compatible with other devices such as laptops, PCs, etc. 

As the 4K resolution is responsible for highly graphic detailing in the frames, the images are brought to life through this monitor. Enhance your working space with ergonomically friendly height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and rotation, etc. find your sweet spot to work comfortably for maximum time.

Ease read mode allows the screen to physically turn into portrait or landscape mode instead of just screen orientation. The wording in this mode is also sharp for the user not to stress his eyes out.

The light sensor included in this monitor is smart enough to judge the environment and adjust according to the room’s condition. On the other hand, the power sensor saves up to 80% of the power while prolonging the monitor’s battery.

Buying guide for monitors for Samsung Dex

A monitor to access software like Samsung Dex is essential when the feature list is put under serious consideration. Advantages of such monitors are extensive as it increases your screen space. There are many more features while buying such devices and calling it a day once you understand the importance of each of them.


The noteworthy thing about these screens is that they are easy to set up with just one cable. It can either be USB type C or HDMI to power it up. The devices that support type C connection can also be charged as these screens are capable of a 10W power supply.

Screen type:

There are different screen sizes in these monitors ranging from 13 to 28 inches. Differing in their pricing, choosing one is the user’s personal preference, but the IPS panel remains constant. This panel type is famous for its realistic image portrayal defining true colors and broad color spectrum.

100% sRGB support and contrast ratio beautify the pixels and image altogether. Pixel resolutions in these monitors are 1080p or 4K. You do not have to spend piles of money to enjoy the experience of high definition or ultra HD screens.


USB type C, HDMI, and display ports are usually found on these monitors’ chassis. Each is having its function consists of its advantages. For instance, HDMI or USB type C can be used for setting up the device nice and quickly. They can also be used for transferring audio or video signals with quite the stability.

Eye care:

It is very thoughtful of the brands to include such technology that protects your eyes from harm. Low blue light filter and flicker-free is the reason your eyesight is saved from fatigue and strain during long working shifts. Increasing your screen time without damage is no less than a blessing.


2 watts of built-in speakers with 3.5mm audio jacks are responsible for upholding the clarity of audio through the screen. It can either make your dull environment fun and entertaining or let you present your team with a clear presentation.

Other features:

VESA mount compatibility to saving desk space within your workstation is another perk of these monitors. The light sensor adjusts the brightness level according to the place’s environment. On the contrary, a power sensor saves power and consumes less energy, only what is needed.

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