Best Monitors For Eye Strain (Curved, Portable, Cheap) 2021

Working for maximum hours to earn or play will be made easier with best monitors for eye strain. The reason many users demand this technology is because this is the era of technology. One has to have a screen constantly with him as they are with us in our homes, offices and pockets.

Having to look at a screen for more than an hour risks your sight and puts on burden on the eyes. The blue light used in the monitors has the same effect on the health of a person if not included with the right type of technology. To resolve this issue, this category of monitors come with certain expertise that will increase your focus.

Not only the concentration level is increased but the productivity doubles as well with blue light filter, eye care and flicker free technology. These are some of the common names used in this field that help the user reduce his eye fatigue. Certain jagged lines are seen on the screen that are somewhat irritable at times and can totally divert your attention from work or play.

Need not to worry since these well known brands have got the trust of their audience having the best interest of them. Since it is not the only option to look for in a monitor, these panels come in different spec sheets. Talking about the screen there are 22 to 27 inches of screens in thin, frameless designs.

Taking less space on your desk is the VESA mount feature with 1080p and 1440 pixel resolutions. Portraying the tiny details in high definition in WQHD quality, what more can a user ask for! This is not all as these monitors are loaded with good features and such is the factor of panel type.

IPS screens are preferred all over the world by many users due to their accuracy in color contrasts, brightness levels and higher dynamic range. The users do not have to ask for such sleek specifications as these screens are already full of it. Brands also support a 3 to 5 years of replacement warranty for any kind of accident or loss.

6 watts speakers are cherries on top of its spec sheet that has stereo audio making a realistic playground for you to enjoy. The sound that these speakers produce are nowhere close to unclear or annoying instead there is a certain amount of clarity in it. Multiple connectivity options include HDMI 2.1 , DisplayPorts, DVI, dual-link etc.

Another noteworthy feature is the splendidPlus spec that helps in adjusting the screen to your will. Optimize the viewing angle and modes that are already set in this feature such as scenery, night or theater modes. These all have different orientations and screen adjustments for the user to play with.

60 hertz of maximum refresh rate, quick response time, 178 degrees wide viewing angle and ergonomic body design are some other appreciable qualities of these monitors. Adjust the screen by tilt shifting, pivot, swivel or height management to your ease.

List Of Top Rated Best Monitors For Eye Strain

  1. Asus MZ27AQ Designo 27” Monitor
  2. ASUS PB278Q IPS DisplayPort HDMI DVI Eye Care Monitor
  3. BenQ GW2765HT Eye Care Monitor
  4. ASUS VN279Q 27″ DisplayPort HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor
  5. ViewSonic VA2855SMH LED Monitor
  6. BenQ BL2711U 27-Inch IPS 4K Monitor
  7. ViewSonic VX2457-MHD Gaming Monitor

1- Asus MZ27AQ Designo 27” Monitor

Asus MZ27AQ Designo 27” Monitor

The era of technology requires most of your time and eyes on the screen, for which it has to be reliable. Asus MZ27AQ Designo is such a device to facilitate you with the better and sturdy features onboard. Coming with 27 inches of WQHD screen, the pixels spread to 1440 resolution.

Getting a high-definition picture opens the gate for superior picture quality and sharp visuals. The screen space would be extra so that you get a comfortable view without scrolling too much. 178 degrees of comprehensive view describes each side’s beauty and pixel no matter where you see it.

Thanks to the brand’s flicker-free technology, it relieves your eyes from unnecessary strain. A flickering screen is what disturbs your eyes the most, with the jagged lines appearing on the front. This problem is reduced to its minimum with Asus’s tech support allowing you to watch your favorite videos without damaging your eyes. 

SplendidPlus makes the videos optimize and enhance the user’s likes, including brightness level, color contrast, and much more. There are also different modes in this feature where the darkroom, scenic, and standard modes have various screen orientations.

The cheap gaming monitor’s power audio and slim design is a deadly combination where you get to listen to 2.1 audio channel sound. With 6 watts of speakers in its chassis and 5 watts of subwoofer installed, get ready to rock your room into a battlefield! Compact and elegant design fits your space, office, or any kind of setup you like.

The 7mm thinnest body also consists of display port 1.2, HDMI dual 1.4 for a healthy connectivity option. A Frameless look provides more viewing space instead of thick bezels, which cover most screen parts.


  • 27” wide IPS
  • 6W speakers
  • 1440p resolution
  • Eye care technology
  • DP 1.2, HDMI 1.4 2x

2- ASUS PB278Q IPS DisplayPort HDMI DVI Eye Care Monitor

ASUS PB278Q  IPS DisplayPort HDMI DVI Eye Care Monitor

Imagine having a monitor that serves you well with all the right feature lists and within your budget. Asus PB278Q is such a device of your dreams that it not only has the spec sheet of your kind but also lies in the best of your interests. With 27 inches of widescreen and 1440p resolution, get your image featured in incredible shape.

This panel has a 109 pixel count per inch to give you great detailing in each picture. 77% more space is seen on the screen than the 1080p version, plus the addition of eye care increases productivity. This way, you are saved from the straining and ever paining eyes. Looking at a screen can be a tough job for more than a minute if this feature is not included in its design.

IPS panel type has the better version of color accuracy, brightness levels, and 100% sRGB gamut than others. The addition of 178 degrees viewing angle does not let this goodness slide. Minimum distortion is possible with this monitor as the picture seems in perfect condition.

Splendid video mode enables the art of customizing your video through artificial intelligence. 6 modes preset in the system are all set for different environments like game, night, theater, etc. this works best even with eye care technology where you are free from the constant fatigue of eyes.

An ergonomically friendly stand allows the user to adjust the monitor’s height and position. Tilt, swivel, pivot, or height management makes it an ideal monitor for perfection in its view. VESA mount also has a detachable base with the flexibility of slim bezels and a thin look.

3W speakers have the benefit of offering the amazing sound of dual stereo RMS to turn boring gameplay into full-fledged action. Display port, HDMI, DVI, and dual-link are some of the connectivity options you get in this package. 


  • 27” size panel
  • 1440 pixel resolution
  • Splendid video
  • Eye care technology
  • 3W speakers

3- BenQ GW2765HT Eye Care Monitor

BenQ GW2765HT Eye Care  Monitor

BenQ GW2765HT is an incredible device to fulfill your gaming dream or work in a comfortable view. The 27 inches IPS screen has a density in its 1440 pixel resolution to get your creative mode. Each frame is known for its detailing and crisp look that is not seen in most monitors of this category.

A 109 pixel per inch allows the images to be bold enough to portray tiny details in vivid contrast. Senseye view mode lets you experience the tech world’s true colors with the help of human vision technology. This feature’s benefit is that it has various techniques to bring the best possible viewing angle or modes.

ECO mode is specifically made to save more power by eliminating the elements that use more energy. This monitor’s unique feature is the multimedia interface with a dynamic contrast ratio. Its convenience enables the user to use media like music, reading documents , or web surfing with the most ease.

Turn on the speakers with audiovisual fun while extensive screen adjustments are also possible. Tailor your viewing angle by tilting, swiveling, pivoting, or adjusting the panel’s height with your level to balance it out. Low blue light filters reduce the extra strain on the eyes, increasing the user’s overall performance rate.

The jagged lines on the screen can be very irritating, which leads to decreasing your interest in your work and performance. Thanks to BenQ for adding this bright property that saves the user’s eyes from any such hassle. This built-in feature has more value and your best of interests than any other factor altogether.

D-sub, Displayport, HDMI, DL, and DVI are some of the extensive connectivity trays present on this monitor chassis. Zero to less flickering screen helps you focus more if you are working on something very precise like editing or locating your enemy.


  • 27” screen
  • 1440p resolution
  • DCR interface
  • Built-in speakers
  • IPS panel
  • Zero flicker view

4- ASUS VN279Q 27″ DisplayPort HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor

ASUS VN279Q 27 DisplayPort HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor

Narrow bezels and thin body design have been introduced in Asus VN279Q, making it ideal for multi-screen setup. 8mm thickness is quite the least of carrying a heavy monitor to set it up in your room. A full high definition of screen quality in 1080 pixel resolution has got many hearts.

27 inches of screen size are linked with Asus eye care technology, which protects the user from tiring fatigue. Flicker-free technology can control the flickering screen on any click while also increasing the concentration that leads to better performance.

Wide viewing angle with AMVA+ increasing the space in the overall design through vivid pixel game plus. Standard design templates and backing of exclusive connectivity options are present at hand. VGA D-sub, HDMI, MHL DisplayPort, and HDCP ports are available onboard.

Moreover, the addition of built-in speakers with the stereo type of sound quality is no less than a blessing. Convert your tedious work into fun and exciting or dull gameplay into an action arena through the audio you get from this monitor. The on-screen display has its perks of customizing the screen according to your will with maximum user options.

Splendid video intelligence is active on the monitor so that you get to see the screen in different viewing scales. Preset modes are available for the user to choose from, including night, game mode, theater or scenery, etc.

A 3-year replacement warranty by the brand is provided for the user to build their trust and reliability in the product. Vesa mount compatibility will only make your life easier as it will take less desk space. Further, the 60-hertz refresh rate builds excitement even more with this 1080p resolution to get the best out of your monitor in each frame.


  • 27” screen
  • Full HD resolution
  • Eye care technology
  • 3 year warranty
  • Splendid video expertise
  • 60Hz refresh rate

5- ViewSonic VA2855SMH LED Monitor

ViewSonic VA2855SMH LED Monitor

A monitor mode for your entertainment and work is ViewSonic’s VA2855SMH, designed to ace every task. In its 28 inches full HD screen, the pixel resolution of 1080 serves the clarity you demand. Superclear Pro MVA technology enables the 8-bit color view on the panel with 3000:1 static contrast.

Incredible color accuracy delivers the appropriate view at each angle efficiently on the screen that can split into half to run 2 applications simultaneously. Enhancing your productivity to maximum, there is also clarity among the dark images. This monitor does not compromise on the quality of images, no matter at what angle you are looking.

The flicker-free comfortable view is one of this machine’s best properties that allows you to have strain-less eyes. A blue light filter is installed, eliminating the user’s problems during more extended hours of usage. Concentrating for more time is necessary for increasing productivity without hurting your health.

The brand also offers a 3-year warranty that has uplifted the product’s reliability upon its quality and damage coverage. The full HD screen is how this monitor is made for home multimedia players and in the office the projector of your hard work.

There is a massive power in the hands of the HDMI port, making this device future-proof through the delivery of desired video quality. Connect the cable with this monitor and let other HD devices be a part of the group, including laptops, Blu-ray players, switches and consoles, etc. Get the party started without disturbing the quality of the video or image.


  • 28” LCD
  • 1080p full HD
  • Flicker free view
  • Connectivity ports
  • 3 year warranty

6- BenQ BL2711U 27-Inch IPS 4K Monitor

BenQ BL2711U 27-Inch IPS 4K Monitor

Consider having all your business in one device with tons of useful features to play with. BenQ BL2711U is such a monitor with its 27 inches IPS LED display made for users who are into designing. Ultra high resolution with 4K HD resolution makes all the frames clear as daylight.

Realistic pictures dazzle the user with the color contrast and accuracy in the pixel clarity that this monitor delivers. The professional type of display is very graphic centric specifically for graphic designers. Specific content creators demand a screen that can bear the image rendering and provide an accurate color spectrum.

4ms response time with 100% sRGB gamut and 10-bit precision in shade selection is how this display becomes many users’ favorite. Connect your virtual world with USB 3.0, while you can also control the screen through the on-screen display option. Select the mode that suits your situation best with operating systems, speakers, and other digital inputs.

There is always the benefit of a 178 wide view angle on its IPS panel to view at any angle. You will only see perfection in each frame through this feature. Picture-in-picture mode can make 2 applications run simultaneously on the same screen by splitting them.

CAD/CAM mode is perfect for 3D modeling, helping you differentiate between the object and blueprints or anything in sleek detailing. Darker shadows and areas are enhanced on this screen, assisting perfect animations to. Every color is represented in its original shade via Rec 709.

Having such a mind-blowing monitor at such exceptional pricing will increase your screen time. BenQ has added a blue light filter and flicker-free technology for a comfortable view to resolve the matter. Get rid of jagged lines and strain your eyes so you can work for a longer time.


  • 27” LED
  • 4K HD resolution
  • Graphic centric screen
  • OSD
  • IPS panel
  • Wide view angle

7- ViewSonic VX2457-MHD Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic VX2457-MHD Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic VX2457-MHD comes in 24 inches of full HD screen, opening doors to a new world of colorful reality. Built to fulfill your entertainment and work with 1080p resolution. Vesa adaptive sync ensures the monitor consists of enough variable refresh rate to reduce tearing screen effects.

2ms response time is quick enough to uplift the whole game by delivering smoother images and video quality without stuttering. Forget about the blurred picture and screen ghosting with fast-paced action-packed in this monitor. Get quick reactions from your display while playing a fast game like racing, with ultra-fast responsiveness.

AMD FreeSync technology is responsible for synchronizing the frame rates with graphics cards. With this feature, the refresh rate eliminates the jagging screen to provide a smooth succession of gameplay on the go. Enable this element with the DisplayPort 1.2 connection to unleash a beast into your system.

In intense times like a battlefield, it is better to turn on low input lag mode to process the commands you give to your computer through a keyboard or mouse. This feature has a built-in processor that reduces the input commands’ delay to get the response as soon as possible.

Game hotkeys in FPS1, FPS2, RTS modes are already set with perfect color blends and customizable options onboard. Black stabilization raises the user’s visibility in the darkest frames as well. VESA mount support, menu control buttons, speakers, and cable management are some of this monitor’s extra features.

Headphone jack, VGA ports, HDMI port, and display port connectivity are available at all times to build your system with other devices.


  • 24” Panel
  • 1080p resolution
  • FreeSync support
  • Eye care tech
  • Extensive connectivity

Buying guide for monitors for Eye strain

Monitors are made for the users’ ease, but if they cost you your health, what good they can bring to the table. For this purpose, some screens will effectively relieve strain from your eyes. But that is not the only feature to look for while buying a monitor for yourself.


The Fullscreen you get in this category of monitors is 28 inches with different panel types and resolutions. 1080p resolution serves the user with ultra-clear and full high definition content on the go. IPS panels are designed to convey the best color combinations in each picture.

On the other hand, VA or TN panels are known for smooth picture quality and better refresh rates simultaneously. Each screen is made for different purposes; for instance, the IPS type of monitor will be suitable for photo editing and 3D modeling. 100% sRGB and 10-bit color spectrum enable the modes where each frame’s perfection is visible.

Resolutions become the home for portraying clarity in the images, with tiny detailing emerging on the screen. Ultra high definition and 4K quality can also be given in the spec sheet by certain providers. Your personal preference is to go for that type of monitor if you demand high-end gaming or video watching

Response time:

2ms to 12ms grey to grey response time is achievable in such monitors that help reduce the blurred frames. A smooth and fast responsive screen is at your service with this feature on board. In fast-paced processing like gaming, you will find this feature very useful as it will keep your aim steady and frame as well.

Refresh rate:

60Hz refresh rate gets you to the point where you are needed the most with each pixel changing. To create the whole picture, pixels need to be quick in their action, even if it is frame-by-frame clarity. This feature allows the user to experience annoying free screen time.

Splendid plus:

With this feature’s help, there are several properties unlocked, including screen orientation, customization, and much more. This ability to monitor is capable of giving the user complete control of their device. Mold your monitor into the screen that you want to turn it into. Several modes have preset modes, including theater, scenic, night, and game modes.


While making an investment in such technology, make sure it has at least 2 or 3 years of replacement warranty. This way, any accidental loss is covered by the brand itself, and the user has a more reliable experience without the hassle or worry.


USB type C, VGA HDMI, and display ports are the connectivity options that these monitors must-have. With this feature, you get to connect other devices with your screen for quick and untroubled video transfer, file exchanging or charging, etc. 

Other features:

pic in pic, and free sync

A blue light filter is installed on the monitor to avoid the harmful blue light affecting your eyesight. Work for as many hours once you get rid of the jagged lines with the help of flicker-free technology. Less strain means healthier you, and a healthy mind works more efficiently.

Black equalizer enhances the darker shades of a frame into visible clarity. This way, you can spot your hidden enemies or create unique illustrations and designs through them. Picture-in-picture mode also increases your productivity by switching dual applications on the same screen and simultaneously. AMD-free sync technology removes motion blue and provides tear-free smooth gaming to the user.

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