Best Monitor for Color Grading 2021

People have been editing photos every day without them knowing. To enhance your picture’s quality, it is important to have the best monitor for color grading. Real work demands an entire system to build up the quality. For that purpose, this category of monitors is specially designed for tasks like editing and creative professionals.

The tasks that require sleek detailing may create a difference with bigger screens like 28 to 32 inches. These monitors contain VA and IPS panels with a maximum 1500:1 contrast ratio and wide view angle of 178 degrees, respectively. Such panels’ selection depends on the work’s severity as both have their advantages.

100% sRGB coverage and DCI-P3 enhance the picture’s overall quality with HDR10 support. This high dynamic range pops out the frame’s sharpness with perfect saturation. The split-screen view enables the users to play and work simultaneously with the display of 2 windows on the same panel.

The connectivity tray includes DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA inputs for a multi-device setup. Get your monitor attached to several PCs, laptops, Macs, etc., with a single cable. Further, AMD FreeSync technology’s support enables a tear-free and smooth succession of operations.

Although these monitors have various features, they are still not bound to one function or task. Their versatility makes them user, friendly and unique in their way as it gets your work from office or home entertainment all covered.

The ergonomically friendly design includes the tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjusting in no time to find a comfortable position that pleases you when you look at the screen. Slim bezels and edge-to-edge frame design involve more space on the screen and suits perfect for any environment.

Certain preset modes make it easy for the user to choose from the screen’s already defined settings. Darkroom, animation, game, movie, and mono modes are some of them. These come with selected brightness levels and contrast for the frames, so you only have to choose from them through a hotkey puck.

Finally, the eye care view supports longer hours of productivity through low blue light filters and flicker-free technology. With the reduced eye strain and enhanced focus, there is no stopping you from doing what you love!

List Of Top Rated Best Monitor for Color Grading

  1. Acer ET322QK wmiipx 31.5″ Ultra HD 4K2K VA Monitor
  2. Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX 27-Inch WQHD IPS Monitor
  3. ASUS 32″ 4K HDR Monitor (VA32UQ)
  4. Dell U-Series (U3219Q) Screen LED-Lit Monitor
  5. EIZO CG318-4K-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor
  6. BenQ (PD3200U) 4K UHD Monitor
  7. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD Frameless Widescreen IPS Monitor

1. Acer ET322QK wmiipx 31.5″ Ultra HD 4K2K VA Monitor

Acer ET322QK wmiipx 31.5 Ultra HD 4K2K VA Monitor

Acer ET322QK has got the guts to comprehend a critical task like editing on its 31.5 inches monitor. Thinking significantly about each command’s delivery on its VA panel that is known for the highest color contrast compared to other panels. With 4K pixel resolution, it brings out the realistic side of the images.

Presenting fine detailing of the frames with a fantastic color palette is one of this monitor’s specialties. Many content creators look for in a screen what this monitor got pre-built for. Thanks to the manufacturers that have made the display cinema-like with a boundless view.

The cherry on top is the AMD FreeSync technology that eliminates screen tearing to push a smooth experience on the line. Even in gaming or any other task, there is no possibility of stuttering frames through this feature. There is no doubt that this kind of performance depends on the graphics card.

The sRGB bright gamut built in this monitor can provide accuracy in each tone and shade. You see the image as it is in the human eye while also matching with the printing and applications used for editing. 

The support of 10-bit color depth that professional creators look for as it serves 64 times better colors. Rich graphics and accurate targeting of shades are one of the basic yet essential features in a monitor like this. ET322QK is HDR-ready which means that greater luminosity is produced with each step.

You get to see darker tones clear and brighter tones in their required details. The true-to-life color enhances the overall picture that it becomes difficult to differentiate real or copy.

2. Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX 27-Inch WQHD IPS Monitor

Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX 27-Inch WQHD IPS Monitor

Excellent graphics is what every user looks for while buying a monitor, but some other features make a good choice. Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX is a monitor that offers high-end pictures suitable for editing. On the 27 inches of decent screen size, 1440p resolution deals with stunning images.

The portrayal of such incredible detailing in each frame is possible with the type of spec sheet it comes with. You get to see 1.77 times more details than the full HD screens. 99% RGB support brings out the perfection in hues and saturation used in editing photos. 

Its IPS panel allows more precision into the pictures with a wide viewing angle that serves the same quality of the view from each side of the screen. A striking clarity is seen from its images with ultra-sharp colors. The shades and 85% of DCI-P3 color space are included in the final result.

Photos and video formats also contain these quality standards to see natural sceneries as if you are seeing them from naked eyes. With the 6.5mm slim design, it is a miracle that this device is packed with so much to offer. This monitor is also made 30% smaller in its profile to save you some more desk space.

There will never be enough flex on the screen, but this monitor’s ergonomics are also worth appreciating. Pivot, tilt, swivel, and height adjustments are all possible directions you can move your system into. Find your sweet spot to work comfortably for hours.

Moreover, there is no cable clutter as the integrated cable compartment gives you a neat desk and no tangling wire rush. The addition of a flicker-free screen and comfort view reduces the strain on the eyes to extend your screen time and productivity.

3. ASUS 32″ 4K HDR Monitor (VA32UQ)

ASUS 32 4K HDR Monitor (VA32UQ)

Super smooth vision and sharpness in each frame is what ASUS VA32UQ is known for. Impeccable details are brought to light on the 32 inches of screen with 4K pixel resolution. You get to see the world online, and it is filled with colors and breathtaking details that we often miss with our eyes.

300% greater depth in the pixel density and space adds the quality you demand from a full HD display. IPS panel includes wide view angles of 178 degrees to let you enjoy the detailing from each side of the panel.

4ms GTG response with adaptive Sync technology tends to serve the user with a buttery smooth experience. Eliminating screen tearing and choppy frames is no less than a blessing in this regard. Gaming or tasks like editing require such clarity, so thanks to the manufacturers for adding this feature as an essential.

TUV Flicker-free and low blue light filter eliminate the unnecessary strain on the eyes while working for more than desired hours. This filter enables the jagged lines to be out of sight and get your productivity on track again without your eyes getting tired. The ergonomic stand tilts to help you find a comfortable view.

HDR 10 support becomes the home for differentiating darker areas more transparent and brighter areas as vividly as possible. Digital content creators much like this feature for creating mind-blowing illustrations. 95% DCI-P3 color space coverage offers realistic image control and depiction on the screen.

There is the option of choosing from multiple HDR modes according to your present design and style. The addition of a shadow boost filter exposes darker areas without exposing the lighter ones giving a neon-type look. Spot your enemies and their dark hiding spots if you intend to play games on this monitor.

Further, there is the DisplayPort and dual HDMI ports’ flexible connection with 2 watts speakers for clarity in audio.

4. Dell U-Series (U3219Q) Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Dell U-Series (U3219Q) Screen LED-Lit Monitor

With a premium panel guarantee by the brand, Dell U3219Q from the U-Series has come to dazzle everyone in the market. A free panel replacement is provided within the warranty period, and who does not like the sound of that. Its 32 inches LED screen is famous for representing exquisite details.

Capture the moments of your life and enhance their beauty with this monitor loaded with tons of editing features onboard. 4 times better detailing in the 4K pixel resolution of this panel is a necessary mention. With HDR content playback on the ultra HD screen, who can say no to this bad boy!

At a peak brightness of 400 nits, you get to see each element’s actual gamut in the picture and a high contrast ratio containing 1 billion colors. Sleek sharpness is obtained through the addition of 99% sRGB coverage. Attaining such accuracy in the spectrum is now possible with 95% DCI-P3 depth.

You get to see the reflection of all these features when you notice the realistic side of the images in the playback. Delta-E consistency of colors and classic hues comes right from the box in this device. Desk clutter bothers a creator’s mind but worries not since it is not resolved with a single USB type C cable.

Transmit audio and video single with a stable connection through the single cable and simultaneously. The multitasking abilities of the user will reach the skies with picture-in-picture mode. KVM switch and quick switching between multiple applications are made more accessible by Dell.

An ergonomically friendly stand allows the user to find their comfort spot, whereas eye-care technologies reduce strain from the eyes. Work for more hours with the combination of these features on an expanded screen of the edge-to-edge design.

5. EIZO CG318-4K-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor

EIZO CG318-4K-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor

Eizo CG318 speaks for itself and the monitor has got the eyes of many creators and artists worldwide. Its 31.1 inches wide screen is calibrated with sturdy hardware and bleeding-edge design specially made for creative artists. Full HD 1080 pixel display resolution supports the representation or accurate impressions.

99% sRGB adobe color space is preferred by professionals for editing and grading pictures. The contrast ratio for 1500:1 and 350 cd/m2 brightness resolves the issue for any details amiss. 9ms response time is another decent addition for approving the smooth succession of frames and pixels.

With the tear-free response of the screen, you also get a 5-year warranty with the brand’s support for the device’s longevity. There is the addition of dual HDMI 2.0 and twin DisplayPort 1.2 with USB upstream connection. Its IPS panel can portray the refresh rate and depth in the view.

The importance of fast-moving objects is put in the spotlight with this screen. Since this panel’s pixel density is excellent for editing, many creators tend to bend towards it. VESA mount certification saves your desk space and keeps the monitor within a safe distance view.

This monitor is known for the excellent reproduction of color calibration sensors necessary for photography and design art. With a total weight of 18.30lbs and a 60Hz refresh rate, it is not hard to get the operation on the go.

6. BenQ (PD3200U) 4K UHD Monitor

BenQ (PD3200U) 4K UHD Monitor

In case you want to feel confident while choosing the color palette for your illustration, your instinct will lead you to BenQ. PD3200U is among the very few monitors that can handle the right amount of color and creative mode selection. On its 32 inches of massive screen space and 4K resolution, you are not going to miss any details.

This ultra HD resolution offers extravagant clarity with sleek tips brought upfront. All the illustrations and designs portray their graphics openly on this IPS panel for a better look. There is perfection at every side of the screen for the wide view angle without disturbing the image. AQ color advantage is known for delivering a 100% sRGB gamut with a Delta E value of more than 3.

The brand provides professional editing modes to enhance the final results, such as darkroom mode that adjusts the brightness in bleak environments. Animation mode is called upon to clarify the darker areas while sustaining brighter sides. This feature is appreciated in 3D animation.

CAD/CAM mode displays contrast lines for technical designs and illustrations to ensure perfection. Custom productivity hacks and a hotkey puck lets you select between the modes with a button touch. This is also possible with on-screen display settings with the ease of a fully ergonomically friendly stand to find your spot.

Eye care technology becomes vital as this function lets off the strain from your eyes. Working longer hours will never be a problem now. Low blue light filter and flicker-free technology remove the jagged lines to focus on the screen more efficiently.

VESA mount support saves your desk space and gives a neat finish to your room with the screen’s proper distance from your eyes.

7. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD Frameless Widescreen IPS Monitor

ViewSonic VX3276-MHD  Frameless Widescreen IPS Monitor

The 32 inches wide screen of ViewSonic VX3276-MHD belongs to the list of monitors that suits every task. It is known for its ultra-slim panel and frameless design that is designed for your home and office. With more screen space, you get a broader view of each frame.

The full HD 1080p display is responsible for bringing out the best in pictures and each detail out in the open. Ultra-wide view angles are possible with IPS technology for an optimized screen view. This view setting is possible within the system to offer trouble-free performance.

You get to enjoy the ultra-clear panel serving the image in its best form from all the display angles. Extravagant details are portrayed from pixel to pixel to see the clarity even while enjoying a multimedia setup. Having such a fantastic screen experience will definitely increase screen time.

Comfort eye view includes flicker-free technology and a blue light filter to keep the harm such as strain and fatigue away from your eyes. Versatile connectivity is never a loss but a bonus for the user with DisplayPort HDMI and VGA inputs. This allows the user to connect multiple devices at a time.

Moreover, the view modes can be selected from the settings such as web, text, game, movie, and mono. These preset displays are designed for controlling the contrast, brightness levels, and color temperature differently in each of their settings. Dual integrated speakers are added to boost the sound to uplift a dull environment.

Features to consider before buying monitors for color grading

A monitor’s choice can be tough unless you have a specific purpose in your mind. You will see several spec sheets with various brands and versions being clear on that matter. It is important to note down the qualities that suit your task and purpose with an extra layer of entertainment as a bonus.


25 inches to 32 is the commonly used screen size for the users like digital content creators and professional color artists. This size becomes convenient and easy to place in your home or office. 1080p or 4K resolutions are some of the users’ favorite as they tend to bring out sleek details with ultra-clear vision.

The split-screen feature increases the user’s productivity as it displays two windows on the same screen.


IPS and VA panels are commonly used for tasks like editing or color grading. Since these panels are known for their wide view angles supporting each side of the screen with the same realistic and a=enthusiastic image. VA panels are commonly chosen for their high contrast ratio, building the picture more vivid in a picture.


100% sRGB coverage with DCI-P3 depth in the pixels and color palettes of the monitor enhances the ability of the device to cope with graphic-sensitive work. Certain qualities like bright color spectrum and HDR 10 support increase the chances of better animation products and 3D illustrations.

Preset modes:

There are set modes in some monitors for the user to choose from depending on the type of work or environment. Darkroom mode controls the screen’s brightness levels, whereas the animation mode or game modes improve the contrast and graphics of the pictures.

They also expose the darker areas of an image into the light without disturbing the image’s overall hues.


DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0, and VGA ports are a nice addition to the monitors’ connectivity tray. This allows the users to connect several devices for a multimedia setup of expanded working space. USB type C can also be a good addition for charging devices if you run out of charging ports in your house.

Eye care:

This feature is by far the most important of all because it provides a sense of comfort and safety for your eyesight. Low blue light filters reduce the strain on the eyes while looking at the screen for too long. On the other hand, flicker-free technology eliminates the jagged lines and helps improve focus on display.

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