Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under $300 2021

Are you a pro gamer and looking for a curved monitor to play games? Then Congratulations! In this article, you will get to know about the Best Curved gaming monitors for under 300 dollars. If you are a gaming nerd, you must know the importance of a curved monitor. These curved monitors are now more popular than flat monitors.

Those people who get attracted by the aesthetics buy these kinds of monitors that look good and have a gaming layout design, whereas they ignore the other main specs. Getting a high end gaming monitor is not hard, but getting a curved monitor can be challenging. To make you feel relaxed and hassle-free, we have made the whole effort by ourselves and presented you with the best-curved monitors in the market for under 300-dollars.

When you get a ultrawide gaming monitor, you can notice that these gaming monitors are pretty much different from regular monitors. Because games can’t be played on basic specs. There are three types of games; Single-A, Double-AA, Triple-AAA. All these games can be played on different specs as the player can play A games on 60-hertz refresh rate with 5 ms response time.

But for double-AA and triple-AAA games, the monitor should need to be premium as the minimum refresh rate has to be 144 hertz with a response time of 2ms. There are no such hard and fast rules to play games, but if you play a high-end game on a low-quality monitor, the game starts lagging, which no one would like. 

Different monitors have different resolutions gamers like to play games on high resolution. 

 All of the monitors that we have listed down have the perfect specs for playing all eSports games. We can assure you that these monitors won’t make you feel regret over your spending money.

List Of Top Rated Best curved Gaming Monitor Under $300

  1. LG 32GN650-B 32” Ultragear QHD (2560 x 1440) Gaming Monitor
  2. ASUS TUF (VG328H1B) Gaming 32″ 1080P Curved Monitor
  3. Sceptre Curved (C275W-1920RN) 27″ 75Hz LED Monitor
  4. SAMSUNG (LC32G55TQWNXZA) 32-Inch Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor
  5. Sceptre Curved (C275B-1858RN) 27″ Gaming Monitor
  6. Sceptre (C345W-2560UN) Curved UltraWide 21: 9 Creative LED Monitor
  7. GIGABYTE G32QC 32″ 165Hz 1440P Curved Gaming Monitor

1- LG 32GN650-B 32” Ultragear QHD (2560 x 1440) Gaming Monitor

LG 32GN650-B 32” Ultragear QHD (2560 x 1440) Gaming Monitor

2- ASUS TUF (VG328H1B) Gaming 32″ 1080P Curved Monitor

ASUS TUF (VG328H1B) Gaming 32 1080P Curved Monitor

Buying a flat gaming monitor is no different from getting a curved gaming monitor. But multiple things are needed to be notified before buying a curved monitor. Since we are working on a budget, which we can’t cross. ASUS has the best-curved monitor for us, which totally comes on our budget, the ASUS TUF VG328H1B. 

This curved screen by ASUS is not only for gaming, but users can utilize it for video and photo editing, professional use, or for media creation. This computer screen’s display measurement is 32-inches with stunning visual angles. The ASUS VG32 offers efficient illustrations from each side, as it has 1500R curvature that assures each viewing angle remains even without creating contrast or brightness errors. 

To decimates the lag and blur screen, this curved monitor offers a refresh rate of 165 Hz. Have you seen the other ASUS model, a curved monitor and totally similar to VG32? The ASUS VG27VH1B is pretty similar to this monitor but with the slightest change, most probably in size.  With the feature of ELMB, extreme low motion blur, this monitor steals every gamers’ attention. With ASUS exclusive technology’s help, the response rate is as low as 1 ms to reduce motion blur and make the picture look sharper and crisper. 

This computer screen is particularly rich in connectivity as the ports are HDMI v 2.0, DisplayPort, and Earphone jack to support multiple media purposes. 

In order to protect the eyes from radiation coming out of the monitor screen, the ASUS monitor has ultra-low blue light technology. The maximum display resolution 1920 x 1080 megapixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The dimensions are 27.94 x 19.97 x 8.42 inches, and it weighs around 15.48 pounds. 

3- Sceptre Curved (C275W-1920RN) 27″ 75Hz LED Monitor

Sceptre Curved (C275W-1920RN) 27 75Hz LED Monitor

If you have never experienced a curved monitor, you may not know how best these monitors are. If we compare curved monitors with flat monitors, we know gaming is much easier on curved monitors. With a budget of 300-dollars, the Sceptre C275W-1920RN will provide the best gaming experience with a curved screen. 

The display screen size of this curved monitor is 27-inches. This computer screen design is pretty thin and sleek in design, and this monitor is not restricted to use only for gaming but can be used for office and business purposes. 

Sceptre has another C-series model, which is also curved, the C248B, which is only different from C275W with the slightest changes. Sceptre C275W is a beauty in itself as to see this monitor, it can be a turn-on for any gamer. This monitor’s maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 megapixels with the IPS type of LED panel. The display is also tiltable; if you can adjust it according to your comfort level, you can move it 15-degrees backward or forward.

The monitor itself has a set of speakers, but it provides a VGA port to connect your own woofers. The basic refresh rate to play multiple games should be 60 hertz, but this monitor provides a solid refresh rate of 75 hertz. Unfortunately, this monitor’s sad part is that it offers an 8 ms response time. But don’t worry, if you want a primary monitor for multiple purposes, Sceptre nailed it.

The Sceptre C275W’s 1800R curvature helps to experience more thrilling while playing games. The blue light shift reduces the strain in the eyes and enhances productivity. 

The dimensions are 24.27 x 9.01 x 17.69 inches, and it weighs around 8.60 pounds.


4- SAMSUNG (LC32G55TQWNXZA) 32-Inch Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG (LC32G55TQWNXZA) 32-Inch Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor

When you think of getting a good gaming curved monitor, but on a budget, you must choose Samsung Odyssey G7. It will be a decent and best choice for your desk. You can either use this monitor for gaming or various other tasks. This computer screen comes in two different sizes; 27 inches and 32 inches. Here we will describe further the 32-inches model of this monitor. 

Gamers usually like to play in the dark to create such a gaming and thrilling atmosphere. For such purposes, this monitor is best suited for dark places as it has a high contrast ratio that we expect from any gaming monitor. The Samsung Odyssey G7 has an excellent curvature for gaming immersion with 1000R. Its stunning ultra-wide high-definition quality display screen can attract any gamer to it.

This monitor’s maximum resolution is 2560 x 1440 megapixels with an IPS panel. This monitor is compatible with HDR10, which provides life to the images and makes them more realistic than ever. The Odyssey G5 is perfect as it offers a refresh rate of 144 hertz, which will provide you the buttery-smooth gameplay. 

The lightning-fast response time will never let you wait to see the destruction of your enemy by you. The 1 ms response time will eliminate all the screen tearing. To reduce total input latency and screen tearing, this monitor is compatible with AMD FreeSync premium. 

The dimensions are 5.35 x 27.96 x 17.3 inches, and it weighs around 16.85 pounds. The Samsung Odyssey G5 is an excellent gaming curved monitor. It has a giant screen and high resolution, great for playing atmospheric games. Motion handling is solid, as it has a great refresh rate and fast response time to make quick motion look bright and buttery smooth.

5- Sceptre Curved (C275B-1858RN) 27″ Gaming Monitor

Sceptre Curved (C275B-1858RN) 27 Gaming Monitor

In no time, curved monitors moved from rarities to familiarity; now, every other gamer desires to have a curved monitor on their desk. But some gamers have a budget which they can’t cross. The sceptre C275B-1858RN is a perfect choice you can get your hands on. 

The display screen size of this monitor is 27-inches, and the panel type is vertical alignment. This monitor is pretty slim and compact to adjust in minimum space. The maximum resolution of this computer screen is 1920 x 1080 megapixels. To provide an immersive picture, the curvature of C275B is 1800R with a full high definition screen display. 

Curved screens nowadays are considered more good because it’s easy for the human eye to look in all directions. The refresh rate of 144 hertz to 165 hertz allows the monitor to change display images more smoothly and fastly. With the help of a 3 ms response time, the monitor’s screen will not get teared off. 

This monitor is also compatible with AMD FreeSync premium, making the display even smoother than ever. Let’s talk about the picture quality of this monitor. It’s unexpectedly pretty good as it provides 95 percent of the sRGB color gamut, and also with the 16.7 million color depth will help to show the color accuracy and vibrancy. 

This monitor’s connectivity ports are; 2 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort, and 3.5 mm Audio input and output. It also has built-in speakers that will deliver intense audio while gaming. The dimensions are 24.27 x 6.38 x 17.56 inches, and it weighs around 9.26 pounds. 

6- Sceptre (C345W-2560UN) Curved UltraWide 21: 9 Creative LED Monitor

Sceptre (C345W-2560UN) Curved UltraWide 21 9 Creative LED Monitor

Are you after a best gaming monitor which is curved in budget and must have all the more than basic specifications. Then Sceptre has something for you in a budget of 300-dollars. The Sceptre C345W-2560UN is a curved gaming monitor with an ultra-wide screen of 21:9. The ultra wide curved monitor has a display screen of 34 inches and it can also attract the gamers with its UHD display. 

The curvature of this computer screen which immerses the audience is 1500R, this also helps the gamer to spot all the hidden enemies. The best thing about this monitor is that it has the bezel-free screen. Brightness of the screen is 320 cd/m2, which will help you to work in a bright room. Maximum resolution of this monitor is 2560 x 1080 megapixels. The connectivity ports that are in this monitor are 3 x HDMI, and 1 x DisplayPort.

The refresh rate of this monitor is 100 hertz which will change the image faster than ever. Adaptive Sync is a feature which helps to eliminate the gap between the graphics’ card and monitor’s refresh rate. This also eliminates all the lag and stuttering on the screen. 

The dimensions are 31.83 x 17.88 x 8.88 inches and it weighs around 16.60 pounds. With the help of the blue light feature the users’ eyes won’t feel any fatigue now.

7- GIGABYTE G32QC 32″ 165Hz 1440P Curved Gaming Monitor

GIGABYTE G32QC 32 165Hz 1440P Curved Gaming Monitor

Want to do gaming on a tight budget and looking for perfect specs as well. Then we have a fantastic monitor choice for you, the Gigabyte G27QC, which won’t break your pockets. The display screen size of this monitor is 32 inches, and it has a vertical alignment display panel. 

With the help of this monitor curvature of 1500R, the user can get a super immersive feel while playing gaming. The most important thing for the gamers who play shooting or gun games is that this monitor also has the aim stabilizer feature, which helps the player easily take aim. 

Some people like to play bleak and thriller games, then the screen went all black where the user usually saw himself instead of watching enemies. For this purpose, this computer screen has the feature of the black equalizer. 

The refresh rate of this Gigabyte G27QC is 165 hertz, and the faster than light response time of 1 ms can make your gaming experience best than ever. This computer screen is also compatible with wall mounting, so if there is no such space on your desk, you can mount it on the wall. 

The dimensions of this monitor are 33.4 x 7.5 x 21.8 inches, and it weighs around 24.30 pounds. To make the user’s eye stress and strain-free, it also features the low blue light feature. The connectivity ports that this monitor has are; 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 2 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0. 

Buying Guide:

When you are getting any device start writing down the features you want from that device. At the top, first jot down your budget on the page, because specs vary with the budget. When you are doing gaming you definitely need to focus on the color scheme but not that much like there are multiple other needs also. 

Here are some of the things you need to focus before getting a gaming curved monitor:


If you haven’t experienced gaming on a curved monitor then must try it if you once do that you won’t go back to the regular flat monitor. On a curved monitor looking at all sides is easy for the viewer’s eyes. The curvature is denoted as R. the maximum curvature in this budget of 300-dollars is 1800R. 

Display Type:

If you are spending your hard earned money on a device like a monitor, no matter what your purpose is, high definition is a necessity these days. Distinction between the panel type creates a huge difference in the portrayal of the images. IPS panels are known for their wide viewing angles and accurate color contrasts. on the other hand, VA panels are famous for the contrast ratio and depth in the images. to choose one is the user’s choice depending on the type of work they are planning to get from their screen.


The display of the screen is the most important factor while buying a monitor. There is no doubt that some users prefer bigger screens and in this category they get 27 to 32 inches of a decent size. on the other hand 1080p and 1440p resolution becomes the home for high end production of images.

Refresh Rate:

NO one is like a slow operating system which is why these brands include fast refresh rates. For gaming monitors the basic refresh rate is 60 hertz. Whereas the top frame rating reaches up to 165 hertz. For a trouble free experience this feature has utmost importance. 

Response Time:

The time that monitors take to change a pixel color is known as the response time. The minimal accepted response time is at least 5ms, if a monitor has less than 6 ms response time then its better not to buy it. But remember one thing if you are working on a budget you can’t always get what you want sometimes you have to sacrifice over some specs. 

Brightness and Contrast:

When buying a gaming monitor the main factor is needed to get in the notice. As when playing horror or dark games no one wants to see a dark black screen and also no one wants to focus on their own face. The monitor should have a perfect brightness and black stabilizer because the gamer should be able to see his enemy in the dark game modes. The standard brightness that a monitor needs to have is 250 cd/m.

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